Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Divorce + Facebook = Trouble?

In light of my recent separation and impending divorce (and some recent drama, I might add), I just finished de-friending and subsequently blocking my STBX and every single member of his family on Facebook.  It felt so liberating. Kind of like growing your hair out for years, pulling it up into a ponytail at the crown of your head and then just cutting it off in one big swoop with the sharpest scissors you can get your hands on.  My head feels lighter; less weighed down; and almost as if I can actually hold it up a little higher. Who knows if being "friends" with my STBX or his family members would allow him to find out information that could be used against me in court, but I'm not taking any chances.  Whatever you share online these days can (and will be) used against you in court.

Now that I've picked the weeds and cleaned up my friend-list, I am free to post stuff like, "So relieved to be free from that lying, manipulative, porn-addicted DRUNK bastard!!" etc. without having to worry about receiving an e-mail from some offended ex-law that I probably never liked in the first place.  Not that I would post stuff like that regularly, but it is nice to know that what I am posting, sharing and liking on Facebook is no longer being watched by "the other side".

My MIL and STBX are now complaining, however, that they can't see pictures of C as often as they would like (I am a freelance photographer on the side, so I post a substantial number of pictures of my little man on a regular basis).  I don't know how to remedy this for them and don't really know if I should. Sure, I can send a picture here and there by e-mail, but share my personal photography -- my craft, my art -- with them as often as I upload it to Facebook? I really don't think I'm obligated to do that. I haven't responded to my MIL regarding the pictures sharing, but I did tell my STBX that if he wanted pictures of our son to take some himself when and if he ever gets visitation. He, of course, would have to file for visitation to get it and he hasn't yet. It's been five long weeks and no visitation request has been filed ... its sad, really. Maybe he was using my Facebook page as a way to "visit" with our son and now that he can't see pictures of him anymore that will be just the motivation he needs to actually get up and do something about setting up visitation. I won't hold my breath. 

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  1. I kept my friendship with my ex's family but definitely blocked my ex. If I hadn't I would have been tempted to look at his pictures and I know it would have cut like a knife. The way we've managed it is that our kids are friends with their dad and when they want to share a pic with him they put it on their account. Good luck.


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