Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I was married. I'm now separated. I will be divorced.

Welcome to my blog!

I am a 29 year old single mother to a beautiful, smart and thriving one year old boy (who I will refer to as "C" here) and a overly-friendly (and over-sized) female lab mix (who I will refer to as "J" here). I'll be turning 30 and getting a divorce within the same year. I figured a blog would be an excellent way for me to turn the train wreck of my life into something positive. A way for me to document starting over at a time where most people are just settling down. Ultimately, it will be a way for me to heal and to grow into the most wonderful version of me possible.

"I'm not interested in moneyI just want to be wonderful." ~ Marilyn Monroe 

A month ago today, I woke up and swallowed the cold hard pill of my reality. I had fallen in love with and married a bad person. That's all there was to it. And I was so sick and tired of being the only person in the relationship actually trying to make it work, it was exactly the right dosage of acceptance that I needed to get the hell out. I had had one too many days of misery; of abuse; of mind games and gas-lighting. Of arguing. I was sick of being made to feel like material things were more important than me. More important than our son. I was sick of the drinking and the porn addiction, and I was especially sick of the lying. I knew that the only way to get better was to leave. It was as if I swallowed the cold hard truth of what really was going on and washed it down with tall glass of common sense and self respect.  I decided to finally start respecting myself again and with that new-found self respect, I climbed out of a moldering stew of dysfunction. I am going to learn to live again. I am escaping destruction at the hands of a narcissistic sociopath. I will be free and I will be wonderful. I will be more than wonderful.

Editor's Note:  To find out more about who writes this stuff, please head over to my about page, "Who is Phenom?". 


  1. Wow. So glad you commented on my blog! I will definitely be reading your journey unfold. It sounds like you did the right thing here. I too was separated at 29 and divorced just shy of my 30th birthday. It gets better...I promise!

  2. Thank you for coming over and reading my blog! I am shocked that I already have at least one person reading. I followed your blog the entire time I was in marriage counseling because I guess I just sort of knew it was already over and that attending the counseling was maybe just putting off the inevitable. Your blog has helped me out so much. :)

  3. aww! That means so much! I am duly shocked that my blog is helping YOU! Seriously am. That makes me feel so good and I am so glad you are blogging and moving forward with your life. If you want to read my old blog (where I really focus entirely on divorce), email me, I'll send it to you!

  4. I'm so glad I found we found each other via twitter and very glad I found your blog. Please know you're not alone and that it does get better. I'm living proof. :)


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