Friday, March 30, 2012

Vulnerability isn't a threat or a liability

I refuse to believe that my recent dating mishap means that I should sit on the bench for the next however many months other people would like to box me into while I "lick my wounds".  Not to mention that I don't feel particularly wounded at all. I feel sidetracked. Like I lost my way for a bit and now I'm just getting turned back around to reface the direction that I started out trekking towards around the start of the new year.

Starting over wonderful.

In my opinion, part of being wonderful means allowing myself to be vulnerable and to stop looking at my own vulnerabilities as something I should be so afraid of that I shut myself off from the world of possibilities out there waiting for me.

I am okay with who I am so much that I am not afraid to show anyone my authentic true self. Isn't that required of a blogger? Of life, even? I am Phenom and although I may not be entirely "wonderful" yet, I am actively working on it in every area of my life. As a mother, as a friend, in my career and as a lover too. Putting any one of those areas on hold because of any one particular mistake or wrong turn that I've made while I try and figure out the right paths to take on this journey really isn't necessary for me currently.  I'm making mistakes, I'm learning from them and I will get where I am going soon enough because I have faith, I am strong and because I am open to being vulnerable.

I am a 30 year-old single mother who is anxiously awaiting the legal aspect of her divorce to be over and done with and who, in the meantime, has not given up hope that a better life is out there waiting for me. Actually, instead of just sitting around hoping for better things to just land in my lap if I'm patient enough, I am actively pursing that which I desire. Each day I aspire to live a more wonderful life than the day before because I know that my future includes a true, mature, experienced-based, real-life love. As a hopeless romantic, that is something I will never stop searching for until I find it. That is what drives me. Accepting that, owning up to that and living free from the fear of rejection or ridicule is what makes me wonderfully vulnerable.

"What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful." ~ Brene Brown 

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  1. Truly honest... do not put life on hold... Keep pushing for what you believe in and it will be wonderful as you so hope for it to be Phenom... There is someone out there for everyone and I myself am waiting for that "right person" as well still... After going through a divorce myself (although different circumstances from your divorce and the STBX douche canoe)I am out in the middle of the field searching for the potential "real love" that is supposedly out there for everyone (at least according to the great philosopher Plato. I'm sure they're out there somewhere we all just can't be blind to the signs when they come....

    Your friend

    Ill Grizzly


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